Elspeth Beard - In the early 1980s Elspeth completed a 35000 mile solo motorcycle trip around the world and became the first British woman to achieve this. An award-winning architect she still enjoys riding her collection of motorcycles, which includes the trusty BMW R60/6 which carried her around the world. Her book ‘Lone Rider’ is now published in paperback and Elspeth will be happy to sell signed copies.
Ian Brocklebank – Ian was one of our mentors at last year’sTech day and received rave reviews from those he worked with. He describes himself as ‘self-taught’ – learning the hard way from the mistakes he has made during his 40 years of owning, restoring and maintaining his BMW’s. Working with small groups (no more than three at a time) Ian will be giving hands-on experience of the right way to service a post ‘70 airhead - your post ‘70 airhead in fact, for you will be working on your own bike! Please book your spot in advance at the BMWAF table to secure a place.
Frank Cachia’s  talk -“Airheads Down Under” looks like being another not to be missed. Many of you will know him from his contributions to ‘The Airhead.’ His well-travelled R90s has been used in ways that Hans Muth could never have imagined in his wildest nightmares and is still going strong after nearly 500,000 km. Frank is a born raconteur and has a wealth of tales to tell.
Ian Clarke - Well-known to members of the BMW Club, Ian is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced BMW men in the U.K. He bought his first BMW (a 1957 R50) in 1967 since when he has owned (and often restored) some 29 examples. He currently owns at least one example of the marque from every decade from the 20's to the 80's with the exception of the 40's. Whilst he enjoys the restoration process he also likes to ride them and has toured extensively here and in Europe on both old and 'modern' BMW's. He rides all year round and covers around 15,000 miles a year on a variety of BM's.
Mike Fishwick - Mike is another speaker well-known and respected amongst the BMW community through his role as Technical Officer for the BMW Club. Mike will be giving two talks: instructing on how to strip, rebuild and adjust Bing CV carbs plus advice on stripping, rebuilding and overcoming problems on the five-speed Boxer gearbox.
The Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists - The IAM has changed radically over the past few years and this is your opportunity to discover how. And if you’re still not convinced then why not go on a Taster session with them at The Event - or arrange to have one with your local IAM when you get home? The IAM is also offering a special Event discount of 10% off their usual prices
Pete Jury of Classic Dynamo and Regulator Conversions Ltd. is the man to tell you how to turn none-too-impressive 6V or 12V lights into something that can actually allow you to see ahead. His illuminating talk on upgrading our electrics and lights is sure to be interesting. It’s also potentially life-saving!

John Lawes - John is well known to anyone who has been around the BMW scene in the U.K. over the past fifty years or so. A former toolmaker, jig and tool designer, engineering lecturer and chartered engineer, 25 years ago he started his own business and says that since then he has not been allowed to retire!
 John’s been involved with  the BMW and Vintage Motor Cycle Club for 45 and 55 years respectively. Several official positions within those clubs, have been held over the years. This includes BMW Club Vintage Secretary for 25 years and Chairman of the VMCC Notts & Derby Section, on and off, for 20 years. He has taken part in competitions, on and off road, in this country and abroad.
Sam Manicom - Wanting to do something completely different, Sam Manicom learned to ride a motorcycle and set off to ride the length of Africa on a 1991 BMW R80GS. He’d been riding a bike for just three months the day he arrived at the Sahara. This planned one-year Africa trip turned into an eight-year, 200,000 mile journey across 55 countries around the world (Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Africa again, South, Central and North America).  His GS is still his only means of transport and has 283,000 miles under her wheels, so far. Sam has now four books published about the journey. Into Africa, Under Asian Skies, Distant Suns (Southern Africa plus South and Central America) and Tortillas to Totems (Mexico, the USA and Canada). They are available from Waterstones, The Book Depository and Amazon UK. All four books are now released as Kindles, and now as Audiobooks via Audible and i-Tunes. Sam will be book signing over the event. 
Why write the books? Sam says, “I'd never intended to but I guess it was a new challenge. I’d spent time during the last year or so, on the road, wondering what I could do with all that I’d learnt. Not only would trying to write a book be a new adventure for me but I had other thoughts in mind. In part my books are aimed at those fortunate enough to know that they actually can go out and live the dream, with the hope that they might encourage them to , “Just do it”.  But also for those who love the sound of travelling but are quite happy with adventure from the pages. I’ve also, consciously written them for those who live in circumstances that may never allow them to ride into adventure.”
Hans Muth - Without Hans there may well have been no BMWs in the seventies. As Chief Designer at BMW he took the rather lack-lustre and uninspiring early Bavarian models and transformed them into icons such as the R90s, the R100RS and the R100RT. Many of us consider his reign at BMW as being the apotheosis of design, good taste and brand identity within the motorcycle range. His talk is a not-to-be-missed experience.
Bob Porecha - Everyone in the U.K. who’s had the slightest interest in vintage BMWs knows of Bob Porecha. He’s the longest established BMW dealer in the U.K. and still going strong.  He’s at the Event as our slash 2 specialist and will be giving advice on renewing wheel bearings, and servicing a slash 2. He’ll also be available for bike surgeries where you bring you bike and Bob tells you how to cure it. Bob’s knowledge is incredible and no-one with a slash 2 can afford to miss his advice.
Brechtje Romeijnders -  I was delighted when Brechtje accepted my invitation to talk to us. She represents the future and gives us hope that others will come to share our love of airheads. She’s young, Dutch - and will be talking about the restoration of her R60/5.
Steve Scriminger -  Engineer par-excellence, Steve has been there and got the T shirt  when it comes to working on and improving Airhead engines. Formerly of SED developments, Steve’s experience in race developments and adapting Beemer engines for aeronautic use is second to none. If there is a more knowledgeable Beemer man in the U.K I’ve yet to meet him.

Ted Simon -  Ted Simon is a legend. Back in 1973 Triumph gave him a Tiger and he rode around the world. It took him four years and saw him visit 45 countries and clock over 64,000 miles. His book about the journey, ‘Jupiter's Travels’ sold over 500,000 copies and has become a bible to aspiring motorcycle adventurers the world over. As if Simon’s original achievement wasn’t enough, a decade ago, at the age of 70, he did it again, this time on a BMW – covering 59,000 miles and another half-century of countries in 29 months, a journey he chronicled in his latest book ‘Dreaming of Jupiter’.

Andy Thompson - someone who has benefitted from Steve Scriminger’s abilities in race-tuning, Andy has been racing longer than he cares to remember. His talk - ‘Racing a 16” BMW outfit from the twins to the Big Bang Engine’ will be thrilling to all - not just to race fans. Andy’s got plenty of tales to tell and is a master story-teller!

Henry Von Wartenberg - Fresh from his homeland of Argentina (via Mongolia) Henry is a BMW Motorrad photographer, author of several BMW books and proud owner of many nice Beemers. His presentation comes with a photographer’s approach, sharing great pictures and accounts of his journeys. He’ll be just arrived from the GS Trophy in Mongolia (literally a week earlier than The Event), and will share some really fresh material with us.

Anthony Wood - Anthony Wood has owned & ridden only BMW Airheads for over 40 years since buying his first, a new R60/6 in 1976. He has owned seven machines. His current bike is a 1986 R80RT Mono, much modified & uprated to 1000cc. He has travelled all over Britain & Europe, across the USA, through West Africa to the legendary town of Timbuktu in Mali and around the Black Sea through Turkey, Georgia & Ukraine. Next year he is planning to ride from London to Cape Town. In his presentation ‘Wheeling Back The Years.  A survival guide to biking in the Third Age’ Anthony discusses how we can continue riding through the age barrier.