Bob Porecha - the most knowledgeable and experienced of the U.K. dealers. His spares supply is the most
comprehensive for the older models also. Specialises in pre-1980 BMW's. No website. 020 8659 8860 Huge stocks of spares for post 1970 models plus some essential spares for slash 2. Superb Service. BMW motorcyle new and used mail order parts specialists. Spares from 1970 airheads to the present day. Once again, superb service. Spares from 1970 to the present day. Small, family business with a worldwide clientelle A superb Dutch company with pre and post war spares and tools. Service is excellent, as is the quality of the spares. Prices are much more reasonable than those from the supplier below. Parts for pre-war, post war plungers and slash 2, airheads and K's. On-line shopping available and speaks English. Beware of the cost of hidden charges by Customs, plus the additional £8.00 charge by the Post Office for handing over the duty payable. THE site for R12 spares. Wolfgang is superbly knowledgeable, speaks English and will also undertake restoration work, including magdynos. BE WARNED though - his turn-around time for repairs is unpredictable and his labour charges high. His quality is excellent but almost anywhere is both quicker and cheaper!   They are very knowledgeable and helpful regarding 1949 - 1996 BMW's. Ulrich speaks excellent English as do a few of his staff. His website has a English version of his catalogue covering part numbers and prices which can be downloaded. Rabenbauer GmbH, Wotzmannsreut 5, 4065 Waldkirchen
Covering spares and bikes for sale. is an excellent source but beware of the cost of import duty plus the additional £8.00 charge by the Post Office for handing over the duty payable. - for carburettor parts and repairs. They are a very good source of parts especially if you are interested in making your vintage airhead go a bit faster! The website can be viewed in English, as seems to be normal with many German websites, ordering is difficult if you can't read the language, but they will order on the telephone. pre and postwar parts. Speak English. pre and postwar spares. Website in Dutch but they speak excellent English and their service is superb Parts from the fifties to the present day. English Website. In the process of retiring but still has parts available for post war bikes up to the mid 70's. Parts for R35, R2, R4 and R12. No website or phone number available. Post war parts, all models to the present day. American site. Post war parts, all models to the present day. American site. Huge range of spares for pre and post war bikes. Website partially in English.

www.//  A growing Polish supplier. He has more spares than listed on the website and is the only Polish dealer I have dealt with whose service has been exemplary and whose repro parts were of a high standard.

Classic Bike Shop on EBay who are based in the Midlands and tel 01527 454158. They mainly do British bikes but they do list BMW stuff as well. Great people to deal with