Bill Smithson's R65LS

Bill Smithson's R65LS

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[ posted by Bill, 28.02.16 18:27 ]

I bought this bike in August 2015 when it was advertised in the Airhead ezine. I'm currently designing and making a rear carrier for it so that I have extra luggage capacity.
I didn't favour the idea of bolting a carrier to the tailpiece which is the easiest option. Instead I'm working on a design which will allow the carrier to swivel up so that the seat can be opened giving access to the battery and tools.


[ posted by Bill, 30.03.16 13:24 ]

The carrier has now been completed and powder coated so the next stage is to fit it and hope it will work as I intended.
I know that it will not be an original fitment but it is unique and can be removed without altering the original set-up of the seat and without a lot of hassle.


[ posted by Bill Smithson, 11.10.17 03:51 ]

I've just had my first ride since December 2016 which was the longest lay-off in 62 years riding. Still a bit shaky after contracting double pneumonia. It's been a hell of a long haul spending more this year on hospital parking charges than fuel! The carrier was finished, powder coated and fitted. Later this week I'll be fitting the new Craven top box and a Surefoot side stand.


[ posted by Bill Smithson, 17.04.18 09:49 ]

Ignore the post above it hasn't happened yet. The after effects of the double pneumonia still persist caused a heart attack in March 2018 and a stay in hospital.
However as soon as I am fit again I'll update the post. I can't believe that after 60 odd years riding I've had only one ride since December 2016!


[ posted by Bill Smithson, 07.06.18 21:27 ]

Well a few moore months have passed and I'm still not riding. Still waiting for date of another heart operation.
The fantastic summer weather hasn't. helped with my frustration of being virtually housebound.
Regards ta all on our Diamond Wedding Anniversary.


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