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David Williams' 1991 R80

David Williams' 1991 R80

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Had it for 17yrs. It’s standard except for S-type fairing (pattern) and 1000cc Siebenrock conversion + twin discs.

I fitted the conversion from Motorworks 13,000 mls ago; just barrels & pistons. It seemed odd that I didn’t also need to modify the heads or carbs, but they assured me it would be OK. And it was! Made a great difference to mid-range punch (inadvertently pulled a wheelie soon afterwards when I grabbed a handful!). The motor initially pinked a bit so I retarded the ignition a little and that sorted it. The extra "go” called for the twin discs... I didn’t raise the gearing as that would mean a new speedo; anyway, I didn’t need more top speed.

I use Silkolene Comp 4 semi-synthetic in the motor and fully synth in the transmission; no problems.

The steering used to wobble badly if I so much as let go the bars. No amount of tyre changes/head bearings helped until I discovered Avon Roadriders – sorted! Made an amazing difference.

The bike has been really reliable; I used to have the leaky left-hand carb problem, but new needles fixed that.

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