Other Links

http://www.snafu.org/restore/   Probably the most comprehensive guide to the restoration of an Earles Fork model available on the web.

http://www.barringtonmotorworks.com/    Without doubt the source of THE BEST restoration manuals for the R51/3 - R68, Slash 2 models and the R26/7. But much more taht this. They offer a wide range of services for the restoration of your beloved Beemer.

Duane Aushermann - A huge collection of 'How To...' articles and a wealth of information. Simply a
site not to be missed.

http://bmwmotorcycletech.info/index.html - 'Snowbum's' site - a fantastic cornucopia of technical advice

http://bmwclassicmotorcycles.com/index.php/tools-products.html - supplier of Matra tools for the earlier airheads

http://www.brakereline.co.uk/index.html - Based in Cardiff, they can bond a sintered metal material to your shoes which will increase your stopping power enormously! Highly recommended.

www.manxmotorcyclehire.co.uk -Start your biking adventure with Manx Motorcycle Hire. Ride iconic BMW Twins on the most famous race circuit in the world and explore the beautiful Manx roads.