'Mighty oaks from tiny acorns......etc'.

I'm hoping that will be the case with The Airhead library. It's not my idea but one suggested by one of our subscribers , James Swinney. The Airhead Ezine is all about sharing, so let's take it one step further and have material on here we can share between ourselves. Most of us have Manuals and other (non-copyright) material tucked away somewhere and rarely looked at. Why not scan them and share them on line? That way we all get to read more useful stuff and might even feel inspired to go and put what we've just read about into practice.

So, scan what you've got, email it to me and I'll put a Library of material together for the exclusive use of subscribers to The Airhead.

Don't forget though - I can't accept material still in copyright, so Haynes manuals, for example, are a no-no but out of print workshop manuals are just fine.

To read these documents you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
    This can be downloaded free of charge HERE

To access the library catalogue, click HERE