'The Airhead

Introducing 'THE AIRHEAD' - the free Electronic Magazine for lovers of all BMW twins from 1923 up to 1995.

Our aim is to provide a balance of information, anecdote and experience  to enhance your enjoyment of these fantastic machines.

We are not journalists: we are enthusiasts sharing our passion. But what you lose in terms of glossy presentation you gain through the sincere, heart-felt desire to help and to inform fellow BMW riders.

EG8B8491XSP_0917IMG_0511DSC01117untitled-74April 2014 B4. LH side engineMel Vinton - R50

Evolution, not Revolution.

Since our launch in April 2015, The Airhead Ezine has become established as the primary source for information, news, views and technical tips about Vintage and Classic BMW motorbikes in the U.K. We are the only organisation in the U.K. dedicated solely to older BMWs.

Our growth has been rapid and exhilerating. We currently have subscribers from over 20 countries and our numbers are growing daily - reinforcing our strength, broadening our horizons and informing how we develop.

In August 2015 The Airhead became the mouthpiece for the BMW Airheads Fellowship (BMWAF) which subscribers to the Ezine join automatically. Don't let that put you off, though - we are most definitely NOT a 'club'. Being a 'Fellowship' enables us to have the benefits of club membership - club discounts, for example - with none of the disadvantages. We reject the in-fighting, politics and egos which bedevil so many bike clubs. Instead, we have shared enthusiasms, a pooling of knowledge and mutual respect.

Benefits of Membership

The provision of excellent BMW-related reading material remains our number one priority. We have contributions and technical oversight from some of the most knowledgeable Airhead experts in the world, but what makes 'The Airhead' really unique is that most articles are provided by its readers. And thanks to our growth, the content on offer is getting richer and richer. Richer by far, we believe, than you can get elsewhere. Download a genuine issue from our Sample page and see for yourself what value we offer. Be aware though that the sample we provide is over a year old - the magazine has developed and grown since then.

In addition to the ezine itself, there is a growing range of additional benefits for our members. All the major Insurance Companies recognise BMWF members as eligible for their club discount schemes. Subscribing to The Airhead more than pays for itself in reduced Insurance Premiums alone! Bob Porecha, Opie Oils, Chris Shaw Engineering and Quick Shifter also offer members a 10% discount. There are other major retailers whom we hope will be making similar offers to our membership shortly.

Our Mutual Support Scheme was introduced in September 2016 and has already proved extremely popular. Members offer all sorts of services free of charge - technical advice, breakdown assistance, loan of tools or workshop facilities, ride-outs and even house swaps for holidays. This is a Fellowship, remember - we work together. Everyone benefits.

The BMW Airheads Fellowship remains completely non profit-making, with all profits going to charity. Membership is free, but we do ask that members should either supply us with an article for publication or make a donation to the Air Ambulance.

The BMWAF is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We are determined to remain independent of all external influences which could sway our objectivity or cloud our aims. We have no paying advertisers; no affiliation with BMW - and no hidden agendas or ulterior motives. Quite simply, we are here for you and for the older Be-ems. Nothing else matters!

How To Join?

It's simple. Membership is free for anyone willing to submit an article of 1000 words or more.

If you don't feel able to contribute in this way then that's no problem: we still let you have The Airhead without any charge for ourselves. All we ask is that you make a donation through us of at least £10 ($13 U.S.) to the Air Ambulance, for whom we are authorised fund-raisers.

The membership year commences April 1.'The Airhead' is a bi-monthly publication with subscriptions backdated to April 1, so all subscribers are guaranteed at least 6 publications for their donation no matter when they join.

Once your donation has been received we send you the current magazine in PDF format. We also activate your password to allow you to download previous issues from our Archives page. The PDF is designed either to be read on line, to be printed off in full, or to enable printing of just those pages of most interest. It really is all very easy.

How Do We Subscribe?

You can subscribe by paying a donation of £10 minimum into our Paypal account
We also accept payment by cheque or bank transfer.

We are authorised fund-raisers for the Air Ambulance and all profits will be transferred to them.
Full details are on the SUBSCRIBE page

OR Write one article or more totalling AT LEAST 1000 words and email it to us.
Please see our Submitting Material Page

That's it! Simple. Sit back and wait for the current issue to arrive in your intray.

The latest issue of 'The Airhead' will be released on March 1. Thirty nine tightly-packed pages of Reader's Rides, Technical Articles, tips and stories of epic Airhead rides.

  Access all this by donating just £10. That's less than the price of a couple of gallons of petrol that you're giving to the Air Ambulance. In return you get a minimum of six issues (in reality 8 issues) of the best BMW material you could hope to come by, plus discounted insurance, spares, oil and accessories

You'll also be joining the friendliest group of fellow enthusiasts you'll find anywhere in the world. Where else can you get value for money like that? Everyone wins!

'The Airhead' is a Non-Profit-making Undertaking.

  We're not in this for the money. In fact, we don't make a penny out of it. Your donations are just that: all profits go to the Air Ambulance charity.

As bikers, none of us know when we might need the services of the Air Ambulance so please help to support this worthy cause.
'The Airhead' has the support of the best three independent BMW companies in the U.K.:

Bob Porecha ( 0208-659-8860)

Motorworks ( 01484 353600)

James Sherlock ( 01769 574350)

We are proud to be associated with all three.

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