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Aug 30
 posted by Victor  Garman from on 30.08.16 08:34

I have had my current BMW (R75/7) for only two months but already have notched up 2,200 relatively trouble free miles. There have been two major trips involved, first was the ride home to West Sussex from Aboyne in Scotland where I purchased the bike. I have just returned from the second trip. This to the Classic TT in the Island of Man. It was here whilst parked near the Pits I found a leaflet placed on the bike advertising your Ezine. I will be delighted to join and intend to supply both an article for the mag and also a contribution to the Air Ambulance.

Aug 20
 posted by Gary  Milld from United Kingdom on 20.08.16 14:33

Good luck and best wishes with you endeavour

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