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Jul 31
 posted by Robin  Phillips from United Kingdom on 31.07.15 22:51

Hi Peter very interested to read your letter in my VMCC journal.
At last , a home for all us Boxer 'nuts'.
I will be subscribing to The Airhead. I prefer to pay by cheque , so will progress joining via that route.
Also particularly pleased to see funds support one of my chosen Charities
( locally we support the Dorset&Wilts air ambulance ) but regardless of area they all provide a super service .
Best wishes for great success in your endeavours ,
Kind Regards
Robin Phillips

( 1988 B M W R80 )

Jul 30
 posted by John  Aldridge from United Kingdom on 30.07.15 22:48

I subscribed yesterday after seeing the letter in the VMCC magazine. I nearly didn't because I feared it would be the sort of mindless pap that fills the BMW Club's magazine nowadays.

I was completely wrong! I've really enjoyed reading the two issues you've done so far and can't wait for the next.

I can't thank you enough for starting this. The content is superb and all the writers really know their stuff - clearly they are BMW enthusiasts,with a passion for their bikes. I loved it.
My only complaint is that you never thought to start this earlier - I could have saved several years' worth of pointless subscriptions to The BMW Club!

Jul 30
 posted by Clive  Turnnidge from United Kingdom on 30.07.15 12:58

HI Peter

Many thanks and a nice magazine, I like lots of good pictures and articles from fellow owners!

The R69s will be out on the Sammy Miller run down here in the New Forest this August. So I will hopefully put a short article together and some pics

Best Regards


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