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Jan 4
 posted by Phil  Moser from South Africa on 04.01.16 08:27

Hi from SA, possibly the best motorcycling country.

Thanks for an informative and interesting website.

I'm also old ( >63 ) and run 3 airheads 1 K, total age 130 years, total mileage ±850 000 kms, only 1 bike < 200 000 kms. All bikes built from ground up by myself, all with some sort of modification(s) ( elec and mech ).

We're poor people here in SA ( currently £1.00 = ZAR22.77 I've just received 4 air filters from Motorworks, ouch ! So generally we make out own parts. I'm a retired engineer ( Mech Elec ) so keep CAD drawings of most of the things I've made, if anyone wants, just ask.

Cheers, Phil.

Jan 1
 posted by Peter  Hodge from United Kingdom on 01.01.16 17:07

Happy new year Peter,
I don't know how you do it but congratulations the ezine just gets better & better with all the stories on the R90S & some superb pics from all over the world.
Have to admit at 65 years of age I was like a big kid waiting for the next edition,my wife keeps asking me what am I reading!!!! found it so good I ended up reading the lot in one foul swoop.
Every body & everyone should be aware of such a great job you have done with this new concept.
Thankfully this is one of the good things to come from the Internet,it totally amazes me how quickly you have attracted so many interested airhead BMW enthusiasts from all over the world.
Who said the old BMW bikers are a dying breed.
Many thanks you have done a great job yet again.
Regards & best wishes,
Peter Hodge

Dec 24
 posted by Neil  Watson from United Kingdom on 24.12.15 13:01

Mint do. Got an R80 GS paralever custom thing. Excellent machine. Excellent website.

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