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Feb 24
 posted by John  Devonshire from United Kingdom on 24.02.16 22:32

Just joined and got my first issue yesterday. i thought 'wow', this must be a one-off. the others vcan't be this good. So i started downloading the back issues. Absolutely fantastic! The R90S issue was jaw-droppingly good, but they're all amazing. I had no idea anything like this existed and just wish I'd known about it earlier. Congratulations on producing a brilliant and long-needed product.

Jan 30
 posted by Kirk  Ratzel from Switzerland on 30.01.16 20:21

I am pleased to have been invited to join after posting an article on the R90s Worldnet discussion group. I am an ex-patriated American living and working in Europe for 25 years, and now residing in Switzerland. I own a pair of 1974 R90s'. One in Silver Smoke, and the other in "Swiss Flag" Café Racer trim. Here in Switzerland we may not be able to ride fast, but we've got some of the greatest twisty and scenic back roads anywhere.

Best regards, Kirk

Jan 22
 posted by Steve  Slater from United States on 22.01.16 22:10

This looks fantastic. As a long-term airhead enthusiast I stumbled across your resource completely by accident. I am a member of the US-based Airheads club and have long hoped for s imilar arrangement to the 'tech days' that they run.

I discussed this with Phil Hawkesley a couple of years ago, but he did not hold much hope out due to the thin geographical spread of members of BM Bikes, the organisation that he is associated with.

I expect that I am like many of your subcribers; more enthusiasm than talent with spanners! But sometimes a little guidance goes a long way. I am based in North Staffordshire and am not aware of anyone closer than Phil (in Leicester) that speialises in Airheads.

Congratulations on getting this resource off the ground. It sounds like a very worthwhile endeavour.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,


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