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May 3
 posted by John  Doughty from United Kingdom on 03.05.15 13:07

Good luck with this. God knows we need some decent stuff to read. I'd prefer stuff about the post 1970 Airheads rather than the older bikes though.
Hope this works out for you. It deserves to.

May 3
 posted by Mark  Rennick from United Kingdom on 03.05.15 10:09

Good luck with this worthy project. I hope it's well supported.

The example pdf looks good. Will it print in A5 format though?? ;-)

May 2
 posted by member  BMW Club from United Kingdom on 02.05.15 22:25

Good for you, Pete. Thanks for starting this. Let's hope it's a success. I'll be subscribing under my real name ( don't want some of the b*ggers from the BMW Club out there to find out who i am though)

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