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May 3
 posted by Another disgruntled, current BMW club menber   from United Kingdom on 03.05.15 16:23

This seems to be the perfect way to cater for older BM's and their riders. Things have not been the same since Malcolm McNair stopped enthralling us with his "News Letters" and events. I wish you every success for the future and will subscribe straight away.
P.S. I think most people will think £5 spent on such a worthy cause will see people send in articles and subscribe.

May 3
 posted by John  Doughty from United Kingdom on 03.05.15 13:07

Good luck with this. God knows we need some decent stuff to read. I'd prefer stuff about the post 1970 Airheads rather than the older bikes though.
Hope this works out for you. It deserves to.

May 3
 posted by Mark  Rennick from United Kingdom on 03.05.15 10:09

Good luck with this worthy project. I hope it's well supported.

The example pdf looks good. Will it print in A5 format though?? ;-)

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