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May 21
 posted by Rik  Evans from United States on 21.05.15 22:39

Great work. Brilliant. Hope you can make this every other month - can't wait until the Fall for the next issue!

May 19
 posted by John  Walker from on 19.05.15 09:24

I've just read the first issue. What a great start! I feel guilty now because I only subscribed £5 for the year - this one issue is worth more than that!

Great work!

May 12
 posted by Michael  Evans from Australia on 12.05.15 18:31

Great stuff. Thanks for starting this. Your Summer issue ( it's not summer here in Oz, though - maybe you need to re-think that) was really professional-looking and had the sort of material I've not seen anywhere else.
This has gotta succeed - it could really go places. Thanks

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