Friday, February 10, 2017

The motley crew of David Tinkler (Krauser MKM), Jon Maisey ( R80G/S), myself ( on Peter Simms R90s), Mervyn Slade (R100RS) and Colin Manning (R100R) awaiting the opening of the Bath and West Show on Feb 4.
The show was a great success for us with (currently) 21 new members signed up and several more expected to follow shortly. As our first indoor show it was a big learning curve for us but the spirit of the 7 members who loaned us their bikes was fantastic and despite having too many bikes for the space allocated, everyone had a good time. Bonhomie abounded and everyone manning the stand was kept busy chatting to the general public. The stand proved very popular. In fact our only real problem was that many of our members arrived at a time when we were very busy so we couldn't give them the hospitality or time we would have liked. Our apologies if you were one of these!
We've got the same space allocated for next year so we need to build on our success with a better stand and backdrop: and somehow persuade our members to visit us when we're not so busy!

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martin marmoy  says
10.02.17 19:47

I was at the show as a Honda CX/GL club stand representative and wondered round the show and happened upon the Airheads stand. You guys ay not know it but there is am affinity between the two mark. Many CX/GL riders also own BMW's ( R's and K's) I guess for obvious reasons. Anyway, having just re-bought an R80RT myself, I got chatting to Dave and signed up 24 hrs later. Well done chaps.


Bill  says
10.02.17 23:11

A tremendous achievement with the recruitment. Well done to all concerned!


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