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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We're leaving Bristol central Travelodge at 9.30 on the second stage of our End to End run. Anyone wanting to join in with us at Bristol should go to the APCOA car park which is next to the Travelodge. I'm assured that you won't be charged!
See you there,

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Frank Hunsperger  says
04.07.16 09:44

Peter, do you have any idea yet where you will be stopping for lunch on Wednesday?


John Burr  says
06.07.16 12:50

Hi Peter, you remember I had to cancel the trip,well over the time until the 4th I contemplated if I could get a neighbour to look after my good lady for a day I could surprise you by going for a day. My plan was to meet you at the Wirral and do the journey to the lakes.however the best laid plans by mice & men it was yesterday morning I turned up at Bristol leaving Alrewas at 6am giving as I thought plenty time to get breakfast a wash and brush up and be on my way to Welshpool and back down the A5 for home.
Well I got pushed off the A38 lane on one roundabout with the rush to get to work traffic I got lost by asking for where's my best way to get to the travel lodge e nd ing up at the Pemier Inn and of course by this time it was 9.45 so thinking you would all be on your way I will head back for the M4 and see if I can glimpse a few of you on the A449 on your way to the Raglan but no sign of Beemers anywhere until going on my way there was a hold up thinking it was possibly temporary traffic lights but no, an accident, praying it wasn't any of the BMs, well I sat and sat with my bike ticking over when alongside me came BILL ON HIS BMW, NAN36 X which I was very pleased to see , I asked him if he was the leader of the group, no he said there's some at the back of this queue and the others must be ahead, Bill went up to see what damage and must have spoken nicely to the police and waved to me that we could proceed but keep to the left, I was getting quite worried that I had left my bike ticking over to long and was very relieved to be on my way and follow NAN36x until it pulled in at a parking area and had a very welcome break of tea and cream scones and introduce ourselves with BILL treating me and then seeing that I was safely on my way. I told Bill I had to fuel up and didn't think he would be long in catching up with me as he is avery formidable rider as I had a job to keep up at times but I'm sure he kept me in his sights most of the time I followed him. You might give him a big thank you from me as I felt so guilty of not seeing him as the intention was to part company at Welshpool with a firm handshake.
My days run would have have been best described as the Lone Ranger until BILL came to my rescue of an old man and an old bike but looking at the good old bike doing over 270 miles in one day a. Couple of stops for fuel plus a lunch stop nearly none stop driving where today can you get quality build quality design that can match an 1958 R50.
Really sorry couldn't do the whole trip.


Bill  says
07.07.16 12:44

Hello John,

Thank you for your kind comments, I was really pleased to see another rider on the day.

I made the usual error of putting a way point in my Garmin on the wrong carriageway in the middle of the Severn Bridge!
Happily it's free for motorcycles so my 3 trips over the bridge didn't cause any pocket pain. Note to self "must take more care in planning".
Many thanks for your company during our trip together and I hope to meet up with you again.
Please pass on my regards to your wife.

Kind regards,


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