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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sadly the time has come for me to sell my beloved BMW R 80 . Although she is nearly 30 yrs old  the condition can only be described as almost ex-factory. Never ridden in rain or on a dusty road with mileage at 4k only ,  she appears to have just left the showroom ! My good friend and all things BMW Christopher Hawkings suggested I advertise the bike thro our fantastic club.
This I will do as soon as I get to grips with the technology of doing this. He thought that an e-mail direct to you in the meantime may register with a member looking for a ' new ' BMW Boxer  at  29 yrs old .
The machine is finished in original metallic red with white pinstriping and has chrome engine bars  , surefoot stand ( original  with bike ) CS cockpit fairing with amps / time / etc and 2 screens , suitcase panniers professionally sprayed to match bike colour ( as is the cock pit fairing ).Private  BMW number plate  +  all original reciepts  Tools  MOTs original owners manual 1st aid kit  contemporary road tests etc etc.
I will send the ad in asap but you may have someone in mind who may appreciate a word with me about my ' 80.
If the machine sells thro our organisation I will be making a donation to the Air Ambulance .

Very Best Wishes and Thank You ,

Robin Phillips       Bath   Somerset   01225 835399

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William  says
14.04.17 19:06

Sounds very interesting I like the fact that you have owned it so long. I have still got the second bike I ever owned which I bought 43 years ago. It's not a BMW it's a BSA. I suspect your bike is out of my price range but do you know what your looking for


William  says
14.04.17 19:10

Just thought if you prefer not to talk price I can call you when convenient to chat


Admin  says
14.04.17 20:15

Hi William,
You're unlikely to get a reply here - your best bet is to contact the seller directly on the number he's provided.
Peter (editor)


William  says
15.04.17 08:18

Ahh that's a good idea I will call Robin later. I am rebuilding a 1983 R100RS but have limited skills. I could really do with contact details of someone friendly and experienced who I call just talk to for bits of advice. Goo example is I have removed the driveshaft with my home made special tool. Very difficult no would prefer to borrow a special tool when I need to put it all back together. The driveshaft looks ok but the universal joint is not Absolutely Smooth when I move it up down and left right. It seems to want to "park" itself in a central neutral position. I am used to a universal joint on a tractor PTO haft for instance which is very very smooth and doesn't park in a centre position. So the question is is my driveshaft ok or is it very worn. It doesn't look worn but I need an experienced view
Kind Reagards Bill


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