Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's been a busy week. Our continuing growth has meant that we needed to address funding and other issues.To do that we needed to look at where we were going and what sort of organisation we wanted to be. With a staggering 80% of subscribers replying to my appeal for their views - and almost total unanimity amongst them - I can now proudly say that WE ARE NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A 'CLUB'.
Instead, we are a fellowship and I will continue in my role as 'benign dictator'. Members rejected totally the traditional club structure which seems to lead inevitably to in-fighting and petty jealousies amongts the leadering clique whilst apathy and resentment grow amongst the membership.
So. We work hard to remain just a group of enthusiasts helping each other out and sharing information. Although we've now become 'The BMW Airhead Fellowship', this is just to enable us to accrue the benefits of growth - discounted insurance and goods. Carole Nash has confirmed that our members will get the same discount as those of other clubs like the VMCC and the BMW Club. Similar deals with other companies are in the pipeline. But the change ends there. The sharing of information through The Airhead Ezine still remains our primary focus. We still donate all profits to The Air Ambulance and we still reject rigid roles and demarcation lines within the running of the Fellowship. People volunteer as and when they see a need and feel able. They do not commit themselves to a 'term of office', nor are they obligated to perpetually repeating their effort year after year. This structure is one of flux and flexibility which will, I hope, free us from the politics and pettiness of the normal club structure. It also means that we don't have any bloody awful AGM's to attend lol

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