Nature Abhors a Vacuum.

Until April 2015 the U.K. was almost a no-go area for riders of Classic BMW's. There was no club dedicated to the older BMW's; no magazines solely about them and only the sketchiest of BMW articles ever appeared in the motorcycling press. It was almost as if this iconic brand of motorcycles had never existed.

And hence The Airhead Ezine was created. At first it was embryonic: just a humble attempt to share information and ideas amongst a small group of British BMW enthusiasts. But then it began to grow... and grow...Within three years it had become a focal point and voice for classic BMW enthusiasts worldwide, with subscribers from 25 countries.

Sadly its growth was not matched by the number of volunteers willing to help service an organisation which met both international needs digitally and the concrete needs off practical support, rides and activities in all areas of the U.K. The last isue of The Airhead was in March 2019.

The BMW V&C website is an attempt to maintain the ethos of The Airhead whilst remaining manageable. There is no bi-monthly magazine, nor do we intend to hace centrally organised events. We are just ordinary BMW enthusiasts sharing knowledge, ideas and experience between ourselves.

This website is effectively an on-line magazine, written by and for its readers. It is embryonic now but we hope that it will become a site as vigorous and active as any Facebook page; whilst being full of practical ideas, advice, illustrations, anecdotes and tips on all things Airhead.

We have no allegiance to any company, corporation or institution.
We have no paying advertisers to blur our objectivity
We have no formal constitution
No Officers
No Cliques
No egos
No bull

All we need is your Goodwill.