Welcome to the Website of the BMW Airhead Fellowship

We are NOT a traditional Club!

We are a Fellowship, providing a 'Magazine with Benefits!'

That's six pdf issues a year; each tightly packed with Classic BMW wisdom. Additionally our members receive traditional club benefits such as discounted insurance and goods; specialist tool hire; a Mutual Help Register and the opportunity to participate in a range of Vintage BMW events. But there's none of the club politics and squabbling that usually goes with them!

We are the only organisation in the U.K. to specialise in all     Vintage and Classic air-cooled BMW's.
So whether you have a 1923 R32 or a Sixties Slash 2; an R11 sidevalve or a Cafe Racer, you are among friends.

We don't do Club Politics, Cliques or Egos.
We just do Air-cooled BMW's.

Come and share our passion for these Classic Beauties -
You'll be made very welcome.

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